Back in Frankfurt!

So, i made it.IMG_20170418_120916613.jpg

I’m back in Frankfurt… At last- the journey was kind of a nightmare… Everything except me was late today. But that doesn’t matter now!

Late train, late coach, late plane, late train… Perfectly timed lift from my boyfriend’s super kind and lovely ma! Silver linings.

I’ve spent the afternoon chilling, shopping and cooking- i made my first homemade Auflauf! (With a lot of guidance, mind you!)… It’s even sort of a union jack! How cute 🙂 spinach, salmon, cheese… Pastry… All sorts of deliciousness lie within. A foodie must in Germany- auflauf comes many ways, but with loooots of pastry is definitely my favourite.

Here’s a pic of the before cooking masterpiece…! IMG_20170418_180450702.jpg

That’s all for now, time to go eat it!

Han xoxo

PS… here was what it looked like when it came out of the oven… it tasted utterly divine!


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