Weekend Adventure; Cölbe, Bernsdorf & Marburg

Hello there world,

*Spoiler Alert*- Marburger Schloss, which looks a bit like Hogwarts

It’s somehow already Saturday… (this week is absolutely flying by- I’m clearly having way too much fun!)

I just thought I’d write a little something about the wonderful little trip I’ve enjoyed during the past two days.  Yesterday evening we (myself and my s/o Felix) drove up past Frankfurt, to the north of the state of Hessen (German states are kind of like British counties but generally much much bigger). The journey only took us about 70 minutes from Offenbach and we arrived at the lovely little Hotel Orthwein (Super altmodisch and kitsch) around about 9.30pm.

” But why on earth did you drive to Cölbe, a small and totally random German town, late on a Friday night..?”  I hear you cry…Why, for a Party of course!

I was so happy to be able to visit my dear friend Lara and her lovely boyfriend Elias at Lara’s student digs in Bernsdorf for the party last night. I’ve known Lara almost 6 years now- we were Exchange partners at school, always got along really well and have stayed in pretty consistent contact ever since. The pair stayed with me in Guildford less than a month ago and I showed them some of my personal London highlights, which afforded me a lovely staycation at the start of the Easter Break.

Anyway, back to the main event- PaRtYy!!! It was actually a super cool party. I only realised this morning but i’d never been to a proper German house party before last night. I’ve been out in Germany quite a lot, had small gatherings at friends flats but never been to a party where the majority of the other party-goers were strangers and had to converse all evening long (with the help/hindrance of alcohol) in my clunky Denglisch. (German/English!).

It was excellent fun- a really bustling and friendly party in their lovely apartment in Bernsdorf (it really is a Dorf a super tiny village with literally about 5 houses and a stables!)


We chatted to some lovely people, enjoyed plenty to drink, some pizza thanks to the kindness of some generous strangers! There was even a beer pong table out on the Terrace! Of course, there was also the obligatory yet very unfortunate house-party individual who passed out early on and fast became a work of modern art- sharpie, confetti and various other buckaroo style objects strewn across his person…poor guy. Aside from that, I also learned a couple of odd german cultural practises- As a little gift to the hosts, we took chocolate brownies (which I baked yesterday afternoon) and Felix bought Klopfer- they are essentially fruity alcopop shots in little individual sized bottles- but you have to Klopf the bottle (or bash it against the table and hang the lid on your nose before you drink it!) That gave me a good giggle.

We headed back to our hotel by taxi at around 1.30am (as it was of utmost importance that we woke up in time for our complimentary breakfast!!- and to check out!)

Thankfully neither of us were struck down by hangovers this morning, so we got up pretty early, enjoyed a really lovely hotel breakfast and headed off into Marburg. We didn’t see much of Cölbe other than our hotel and some lovely old houses when we walked back to Bernsdorf this morning to pick up the car. But it was so beautiful and rural- green all around- having a house party in what felt like the middle of nowhere was really awesome. And of course it was so lovely to see my friends again.

Today we spent the day in beautiful Marburg- I had been before, to visit Lara at Uni, last June- but it was Felix’s first visit. It definitely did not disappoint a second time around. If you’re ever in Frankfurt for more than a couple of days, taking a trip up to Marburg (or Heidelberg) is definitely worth it- for some real german charm. There are almost no cars at all in the Old Town- Only bicycles and pedestrians really.

We took the famous Aufzug up to the old town, wandered steep cobbled streets, and passed a couple of hours in old bookshops. We then adventured up to the Marburger Schloss, which offers a breathtaking views from it’s hilltop vantage point. We stopped off at a Cafe called Felix-(chosen for its comedy value and appealing sounding menu) and had some really delicious and indulgent maple syrup American style pancakes.

It was really an exceptionally lovely little trip.

Ta-ta for now- must go and make some more delicious, intensely carby German food (käsespätzle this time!)

Liebe Grüße

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One Reply to “Weekend Adventure; Cölbe, Bernsdorf & Marburg”

  1. Take notice of the hand carved animals between the house beams, an old Cölbe craft lost then relearned. And the goat heads on a wall in Marburg. Your post brought me back to good memories in a beautiful city and surrounding villages. Thanks.


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