Germany; you’re bad for my waistline!

So, somehow it’s already been more than a month since I moved back to Frankfurt…!

It’s been a busy month- full of work and adventures, paperwork and sunshine- but the one constant in this period of change has been… food.

I, as a self confessed foodie, am one of those people who eats because I love eating. Not always because i’m hungry (though I often am), but because something looks delicious, or I get a craving… or i just want to enjoy the deliciousness for its objective merit. I’ve always been this way. For as long as I can remember. There’s a VCR of me on my first birthday, tearing a fistful of icing from my birthday cake and shoving it directly into my greedy toddler face. Since that video was taken… some things have changed… but some haven’t!

I love cooking and trying new food- so moving abroad has brought so many exciting and different new culinary possibilities, I’ve been finding it hard not to over- indulge! And the supermarket is so stupidly exciting- shopping is an adventure in itself.

My boyfriend is also a food person… which means we have spent the last month *egging each other on* when it comes to consuming tasty food. We eat out together quite a lot (it’s not too expensive here, generally a bit cheaper than at home) and cook for each other very often too.

But my love of Brezeln (Pretzels, the big bready kind), Hefeweizen (Wheat beer), Kartoffeln (potatoes), Würste in all incarnations (sausages) and nudeln (pasta/noodles) has begun to have a noticeable impact on my waistline. Another culprit has been CHEESE. I love cheese… and there is just so so much of it here. So of course i’ve been gradually working my way through all of it.

Apfelkuchen…. Flammkuchen… all manor of deliciousness…



German food gets a bad rap internationally; certainly from a British perspective atleast, it’s a common perception that German cuisine consists solely of meat and potatoes. OH, and Sauerkraut, of course. I can’t deny it; meat and potatoes are staples of the average German’s diet… but there’s certainly a lot more to it than that.


The title of this little ramble wasn’t a gripe- in fact, quite the opposite. I love german food so much (well, most of it) that it’s giving me a little extra Hüftgold (literally means, ‘hip gold’… lovehandles!)

I’ll definitely go running soon… and will be picking up my climbing shoes and harness from my parents’ place when i’m back in England next week (for my graduation), in the hope to counteract the slow and steady crawl towards irreparable bodily damage…!

I’d love to be around for a while yet… to enjoy more delicious foo, drinks and adventures of course!


2 Replies to “Germany; you’re bad for my waistline!”

  1. “Hüftgold (literally means, ‘hip gold’… lovehandles”!)”

    Thank you for my German vocabulary word of the day. I think it’s one I can really use. 🙂


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