Frankfurt; an unexpected love affair ❤


main towerrr 2
Atop the Main Tower with Layne, my blog muse…!

It all began when I first set foot in Frankfurt am Main last summer, on the 15th of July.

Technically speaking, I probably tell small a lie- I’d visited Hanau and Erlensee, Aschaffenburg and Seligenstadt, outlying sort-of suburbs back in 2014 on a Sixth form Orchestra exchange trip (nerd alert). But my first proper, deliberate foray was on this day in July 2016.

I recall vividly that it was a hot day, both on arrival at Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) and at London Heathrow (LHR) , from where I was lovingly waved-off by my teary mother.


Obligatory *lo0k at me i’m going travelling alone* picture from the airport

This emotional parting was for (what I had anticipated would be) a 7 week adventure of SummerCamp TEFL teaching and uninhibited solo exploration of a German city i’d always wanted to visit. Almost a year down the line… It is safe to say that my relationship with the city (and more than one of its inhabitants) has surpassed all expectations.

I’m headed back to Frankfurt in the morning tomorrow for the (…September, December, March, April…) fourth or fifth time since I moved back home in the last week of August 2016.

Probably the same flight-path. Same airline even, I think… though I can’t be sure as I flit between British Airways and Lufthansa like a fly in a Jam Jar. (What can I say; i’m a sucker for a good deal!) I shan’t bother recounting the utter TRAUMA of the time I was entirely broke and decided a 16 hour coach journey would be worth it to visit my boyfriend… (i’m still entirely broke but know better than to endure that again on purpose in the near future.)

Now, back on topic. Frankfurt…

Not only was I seduced its the metropolitan charm, cultural heritage and breathtaking Skyline … but the miracle of pfandflasche... the exceptionally cheap (virtually taxless) alcoholic beverages and expansive variety of delicious delicious food. I had a truly fantastic and very memorable summer. And there was also the, small, minor, tiny detail that during August I also accidentally fell crushingly hard for a local… whoops. *cue sigh/awh track* (delete as appropriate.)

In about 6 weeks time I’m moving back to Germany… but tomorrow i’m lugging the first load of my stuff (rammed super neatly, I mean folded… (hi mum, definitely folded, incase you’re reading)) back over my s/o’s apartment… I can’t wait for a week of Easter holiday chilling, catching up with local friends, essay writing and making-up-for-lost-time/date nights.

This might sound a bit odd to many Brits, but I’ve really liked all kinds of German stuff  (Em Prisk, that hyperlink is just for you) since I was about 12. I started learning German at secondary school when I was 11 and initially I was largely just entertained by the humorously tongue-twisting contents of my little a5 bottle green Vokabelheft. But then I got kind of decent at it… and I took it for AS level. I came super close to giving it up (after the ludicrously frustrating grammar almost got the better of me)… I even made my class a huge chocolate cake that had DANKE  lovingly piped in white icing-  and then… along came results day and it turned out I less grammatically challenged than I had anticipated (and far more musically challenged!)

I’ve had a German penpal since I was 11 (Kitsch, I know!), A German exchange partner since I was 14 (who came to stay with me in London last week, too!)… and now a German boyfriend for about 8 months… I think I may have a bit of a problem…?!

I’m moving back primarily to start a new job, teaching English again, but this time as a freelancer with Berlitz language school. I’m quite excited and it’ll be a welcome break from studying (which I adore, but will need a little breather from after the trauma of dissertation). Ultimately I want to do an MA in Germany… It’s almost free and full of beautiful old Universities. But for now, I’m pretty excited for another adventure.

I should really get some quality shut eye… my first (of three) alarms will be yelling at me to get up and go to the airport in less than 6 hours time… but I’ll give you a little update on things soon; perhaps after the weekend as I’m off to party with some friends near Marburg on Friday (which is a wonderful city!!)

Bye for now,

Alte Oper, Frankfurt
Gude… am Main
Beer is a very important part of German culture… which I have endeavoured to fully soak up during my visits.
frankfurt quad
Currywurst and Erdinger Weissbier at the go-to post-work haunt of my colleagues and I last summer, Conrad’s at Hauptwache.
nr. Hauptbahnhof

Han xoxo